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Once you have your enrollment key, you will have access to a 2 hour course guiding you through ZIMS from the perspective of an aquarist or keeper. You will learn via a series of short tutorials and interactive videos that teach you how to navigate ZIMS efficiently. Along with LearnZIMS Practice, the course and our self-guided help librarby will prepare you for managing your collection in ZIMS. 

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In addition to the Species360 courses, as a Conservation Partner, you will have access to other courses hosted by The Nature Conservancy.

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Species360 Members use ZIMS to manage the world's largest collection of data on exotic species 
Just simply by entering your daily records our shared global resources grow

From Survival, Reproduction and Growth reports, to Weight Comparisons, Species Event Histories, Anesthesia Summaries, Drug Usage Extracts, Mortality and Morbidity Reports, Population Overviews and more!


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