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Husbandry and Admin in  ZIMS 
Animal husbandry
Facility management
Transacting animal records
Practicing accessions & dispositions
Recording husbandry data
Work with the many reports in ZIMS
Dive into Aquatics
Group management
Enclosure and environmental management
Data entry templates
Reporting and graphing metrics
Collection Trips
..and more!

Medical management in ZIMS
Searching and Navigating records
Clinical Notes
Diagnosis and Procedures
Treatments and Prescriptions
Tests and Results
Physiological Measurements
Pathology: Necropsy and Biopsy
Sample Storage
...and more!

Studbook Keeper skills
Tracking studbook animals
View data quality tools
Managing institutional contacts
Work with data filters and reports
Practice your regional best practices and data conventions
...and more!

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